📷 Instagram 101 🌅 by Chris Enns

📷 Instagram 101 🌅

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Instagram used to just be a simple app that you used to post square pictures of your filtered life to share with friends. Now there's Stories, Direct Messages, Boomerangs, Stickers, and even Live Streaming. Who's getting a picture of you and when, and how long does it last?

With this course you'll get videos, each 2-15 minutes in length, that explain the different aspects of using Instagram. Each video is a quick but thorough tutorial designed to help you start using all the new features of Instagram with confidence right away.

What's included?

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Before You Buy, Let me Introduce You to the Course!
2 mins
What's included with this course?
Getting Everything Set Up
Setting Up Your Account
9 mins
Setting Up the Settings
14 mins
Publishing Your First Photo or Video on Instagram
10 mins
Instagram Stories Explained
7 mins
Posting to Your Instagram Story
11 mins
Socially Speaking on Instagram ❤️
6 mins
Sliding into Instagram Direct Messages
12 mins
Instagram Live: Going Live to the World (or at least your friends on Instagram)
5 mins
Regramming: Sharing Other People's Instagram Photos or Videos
Tricks for Having Fun with Stories
11 mins
Addendums and Updates
2018-01 Instagram Adds GIF Support to Stories
4 mins
2018-02-01 Fancy Type Added to Stories
4 mins


Instagram seems to update a lot - how often will this course be updated?

What you're buying is access to the course as it is right now. As Instagram updates their iOS app, I'll attempt to update this course within a reasonable timeframe. This course will not be updated forever and makes no guarantees as such.

Will this course be a bunch of words I have to read like this FAQ is?

No! It'll be 99% videos that you can watch whenever you want. I'll keep the boring words to a minimum. 😴

How many videos will I get?

The course is still being finalized as you read this, but I can say for sure it'll be more than 10 and less than 2 million. 😜

Is there a demo or preview of the course?

Coming soon! But if you check out my Snapchat 101 Course you can preview a couple of the videos to get an idea of the quality work I do.

Do I have to complete the course in a certain amount of time?

No - you can go at whatever speed you'd like. Fast or slow. Or even medium?
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