🎤 Podcasting 101 🎤 by Chris Enns

🎤 Podcasting 101 🎤

Start to Finish: From an idea in your head to a published episode in iTunes.


Whether you want to get into podcasting because it's the next big thing or simply because you want to try putting your voice out into the world, this course will help you get your first episode recorded, edited, and published! 🏆

Podcasting 101 will include topics such as:

  • Figuring out the goal for your podcast - and if you need to have one?
  • Deciding on a format.
  • Naming your show, designing your artwork, and figuring out branding. 
  • Prepping for an interview with a guest.
  • Audio production - recording solo, with a guest or two, live streaming, EQ'ing, and MP3'ing.
  • Website options and where to host your podcast.
  • Launching a podcast if you want to maximize your audience reach.
  • Making money off a podcast.
  • And more! 🎉

Along with the course, you'll get access to a special group chat where fellow podcasters, new and experienced, will help each other grow and push past those nerves to get episode one out on the internet. 

Who Am I?

I'm Chris and I've been podcasting in one form or another since 2008. I currently help run Goodstuff.fm, a podcast network, and run my own business called Lemon Productions where I edit podcasts for clients as well as build websites out of WordPress and HTML magic.

Note: This course will be based on the macOS platform. While a lot of the ideas and principles would carry over to Windows, all software used in the videos will be macOS based.


Do I have to complete the course in a certain amount of time?

No - you can go at whatever speed you'd like. Fast or slow. Or even medium?

Keeping Technology Fun

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