Snapchat 101 by Chris Enns

Snapchat 101

The Why, How, and WTF of Snapchat

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Snapchat is a great app for your social repertoire, but it can be terrifying for first-time users. Who's getting a picture of you and when, and how long does it last, and how do you do those cool special effects, and what the heck is with that thing at the top of the screen? You'll get eight course videos, each 2-5 minutes in length, that explain the different aspects of using Snapchat listed above. Each video is a quick but thorough tutorial designed to help you start using Snapchat with confidence right away.

What's included?

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Getting Started
An Introduction to the Course
766 KB
Signing Up for Snapchat (Version 2.0)
5 mins
Setting Up Your Profile Picture (Version 2.0)
2 mins
A Tour of the Interface (Version 2.0)
4 mins
Setting up the Settings in Snapchat
10 mins
Taking a Snap
Taking a Snap (Version 2.0)
2 mins
Face Filters (Version 2.0)
4 mins
Emoji, Stickers, and More (Version 2.0)
9 mins
Social and Sharing on Snapchat
Sharing Your Snaps (Version 2.0)
9 mins
Stories on Snapchat
7 mins
Friends and Direct Messaging
Private Messaging on Snapchat
10 mins
Adding and Finding Friends on Snapchat
6 mins
Extras - Sample Snapchat Stories
5 mins
Navigation Map of the Snapchat Interface
1.24 MB
Icons and Meanings
209 KB
Updates and Quick Demos
Snapcodes inside Snapchat
3 mins

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